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Water is a basic human need, crucial for hydration, sanitation, and food production. But if your water line gets damaged, water can become a carrier of germs and put you and your loved ones at risk of severe health complications. Fortunately, you can do a few things to protect your potable water lines from contamination.

In-House Plumbing Company is the leader in water line repair in Plano, TX. Below, we share some easy-to-follow tips on protecting your water lines from contamination.

Test Your Water

A water quality testing kit is the simplest way to determine whether your water contains contaminants or not. If your water proves contaminated, seek prompt water line services to find the best solution that will make your water safe for consumption.

Flush Your Water Line

We recommend running cold water for a few minutes before using your tap water for cooking or drinking. When the water sits in your water line for an extended period, hazardous metals and disease-causing microorganisms can leach and contaminate your water, making it unfit for consumption. If you’ve not been home for several hours, run your cold water for at least two minutes before using it to bypass potential contaminants.

Replace Old Pipes

If you have old galvanized plumbing pipes, it might be time for a new water line installation. Old pipes are prone to cracks and leaks and can end up allowing contaminants to infiltrate your water supply.

Insulate Your Pipes During Winter

Cold weather spells trouble for your water lines. It freezes water inside the pipes, presenting a risk of mold growth. If left unaddressed, you run the risk of complications that may even necessitate a complete water line replacement. Insulate or defrost your water lines before the cold season sets in to avoid water contamination.

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