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If you look at our homepage, you’ll see honesty and integrity are important tenets we strive to reach everyday.

We do this when it comes to our pricing, how we treat our customers on a daily basis, and by taking responsibility for everything we do.

This is why we offer a leak location guarantee on every repair job we go out on.

What Is a Leak Location Guarantee?

When we go in to repair a sewer leak that was located by us or a fresh water leak located by our partner company and find that the leak is not where we said it would be, you, the customer, will not pay for any unnecessary excavation of any kind.

If we punch a hole in the slab and the leak is about a foot away from where we originally located it, no big deal. We can easily get to it from the original access hole. Because no additional work will be required, there will be no additional charges.

But if we punch a hole in the slab and the leak is say 10 feet away, we will either have to punch another hole in the slab or, if we can, make an access hole from the outside. Any work that was done to get to a leak that we incorrectly located, you will not be charged for.

You will only be charged for the work we did to get to the actual leak. You are only charged for what was necessary to fix the leak. If it didn’t need to be done, we don’t charge for it. (We aren’t responsible for flooring. I explain in detail in this post why this is best for you, the customer, and us in this post.)

Doesn’t Every Plumbing Company Guarantee This?

The short answer: no.

The long answer: not even close. Aside from not offering a guarantee like this, most plumbing companies won’t even admit they messed up.

The problem is a lot of people in the plumbing industry don’t want the headaches and hassles that come with telling people they were wrong. Instead they will “fix” a leak that isn’t there, find the real leak and then charge the homeowner for both.

Or in other cases, they won’t even try to find the real leak and then just charge the homeowner for repairing a leak that isn’t there.

A lot depends on how much work they have to do at the time and how much money they need to make that week. If it’s a slow week, they might fix the real leak. If not, no leaks get fixed but you somehow still get charged.

I know this because I and other people on the In-House team have worked for companies that do this. And this is exactly why I started this company and why honesty and integrity is so important to us.

Why Taking Responsibility For Our Mistakes Matters

Nobody is happy when we make a mistake. We aren’t happy and the homeowner isn’t particularly happy. And on the rare occasion, we’ve even been kicked out of someone’s house for being upfront about our error.

But in the end I believe the long-term success of In-House depends on us owning up to our mistakes. Whether you believe in karma, you reap what you sow, or what comes around goes around, running a dishonest business is not in ours or your best interest.

And ultimately we have customers who will not use anyone else because we have proven that we are honest and take a customer-first approach with our business practices. You can read about some on our testimonials page and with our Google reviews.

As always, we are available to answer you call if you have any questions or want to discuss a plumbing issue, 972-494-1750. You can also email us at service@inhouseplumbingcompany.com.

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