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We Provide Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in Balch Springs, TX

Are your cast iron pipes a literal drain on your budget? Rely on In-House Plumbing Company about cast iron pipe replacement in Balch Springs, TX. This affords you a cost-effective way to minimize pipe worries and expenses.

Your Local Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Pros

The Balch Springs area of Dallas County was settled back in the 1840s, so having older cast iron pipes here isn't uncommon. If you have an older home or one with mature trees likely to get into worn or damaged cast iron pipes, we're here to help. One of our specializations is the cost-effective replacement of cast-iron pipes.

Importance and Benefits

Repairing cast iron pipes is often a futile process since new problems can crop up after other areas are fixed. Replacement is important and beneficial because it significantly reduces repair costs. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased property value
  • Fewer maintenance needs
  • Drains that work better
  • Long-term savings potential

Aged cast iron pipes require an effective yet long-term solution, which is why we recommend replacing the entire pipe. Repairs, even if conducted on a small section, will prove futile. That is because the rest of the pipe will continue to deteriorate and lead to bigger issues. Hence, a replacement is the more cost-effective option.

The Issues Prevalent in Cast Iron Pipes

Corrosion is a common cast iron pipe culprit. Over the years, corrosive minerals and materials can wear away inside surfaces and contribute to widespread damage. Cast iron lines can also be affected by tree roots, weakness around joints, and sinking in certain spots due to pipe weight. You may also watch out for:

  • Floor or wall damage
  • Sewage overflow or seepage
  • Slab-related issues
  • Slow draining drains or frequent clogs
  • Recurring or persistent drain or pipe odors

We come with the right equipment and skills to plan and complete any cast iron pipe replacement project. We prioritize re-routing the pipe, as it is often the most effective and efficient option and it avoids having to do a significant amount of tunneling. This could mean rerouting to the outside or rerouting a different direction under the slab

However, if rerouting is not a viable option, we remove and dispose of the existing pipe before inserting a new pipe that is made of safe, reliable, and more durable materials.

Why Work with Our Team

Have a pleasant and productive experience with cast iron pipe replacement in Balch Springs, TX, with In-House Plumbing Company. We keep the focus on quality and customer satisfaction at all times with A+ service that's affordable. When our licensed, bonded, and insured crew is done, you'll be left with durable new pipes designed to give you many years of use.

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Get your money's worth and then some by making In-House Plumbing Company your top choice for cast iron pipe replacement in Balch Springs, TX. We provide free estimates, free second opinions, warranty coverage for most services, and financing options. Call us or fill out the form today to get started with a discussion of your options.

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