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The Top Provider of Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in Rowlett, TX

If your property still relies on cast iron pipes, In-House Plumbing Company is here to help. While these once had a place in homes throughout the area, this is no longer the case. Our experienced local experts will be sure to replace cast iron sewer and drain lines with pipes more likely to provide many years of use and efficiency.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Located on Lake Ray Hubbard, Rowlett is a thriving city that's been steadily growing over the years. Given the presence of many older homes in the area, it's also a place where cast iron pipes are likely to be found. What we do at In-House Plumbing Company is give our valued clients one less thing to worry about with affordable cast iron replacement.

The Significance

Repairing cast iron pipes is a futile process. It's not unusual for issues with other parts of the same line to develop after a different section is fixed. Cast iron pipe replacement in Rowlett, TX, is important because it gives you access to new pipes that are designed with today's standards in mind. Replacing cast iron pipes also benefits you by:

  • Minimizing repair costs
  • Reducing the risk of serious and costly property damage
  • Restoring full flow to pipes
  • Helping to keep household drains working right

The Issues You Will Commonly Face

Cast iron pipes slowly corrode over time, which can often result in water accumulating on the surface. Cast iron pipes can also be affected by tree roots, bellying due to the weight of the pipes, slab friction, ground movement, and mineral deposits that accelerate the corrosion process. Look for the following signs:

  • Wet spots where water shouldn't be pooling
  • Floor cracks or slab damage
  • Misaligned walls and other structural issues
  • Issues with multiple drains in your house

The Process We Follow

Repairing a section of cast iron pipe is not something we will recommend, as you will only be spending more later on dealing with different issues again. When it comes to cast-iron pipes, the most effective and long-term solution is easily full replacement. 

Due to the nature of cast iron pipes, it's typically best to completely exclude the damaged pipes and reroute the line using new pipes made from a more durable material.

We're local and easy to get a hold of when assistance is needed. We also have a solid understanding of what's going on with the pipes used throughout the areas we serve. Hiring In-House Plumbing Company for cast iron pipe replacement also means benefiting from over 20 years of experience. What's more, we pride ourselves on providing A+ service that's reasonably priced.

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Make a smart, long-term investment with In-House Plumbing Company when it's time to update your outdated cast iron pipes. Our skilled team is ready to make the process a pleasant, productive, and affordable experience from start to finish for you. We also offer convenient financing options. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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