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The Leading Name for Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in McKinney, TX

In-House Plumbing Company recommends replacing cast iron pipes instead of trying any form of repairs due to the inherent problems associated with older cast iron sewer and drain lines. We aim to help clients enjoy the cost-effective benefits and added perks that go along with durable new pipes made from safe, reliable materials.

Repairing Old Pipes Are Not Worth The Risk

The fast-growing city of McKinney has a long history dating back to the mid-1800s, which means the pipes here have a tendency to be on the older side. If your current home was built before the mid-1980s, you may have older cast iron pipes, particularly if your sewer or drain lines haven't been updated. Attempting to only maintain and repair your outdated system is a futile effort because you will ultimately need to replace them in the end. This is where we come in. Our seasoned team knows how to efficiently and cost-effectively offer a solution when replacing aging and damaged cast iron pipes.

Why Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Is Beneficial

If one part of older cast iron pipes is fixed, it's not unusual for entirely new problems to soon develop in the same line. This is one of the top reasons replacing older cast iron pipes is important and beneficial. Cast iron pipe replacement in McKinney, TX, offers these other benefits:

  • Reducing sewer repair costs
  • Protecting your property from damage from leaks
  • Improving home and property value
  • Keeping your drains working right

Common Issues Prevalent in Cast Iron Pipes

The unique characteristics of cast iron pipes contribute to some common issues over the years. The heavier weight of cast iron, for instance, can lead to sinking or bellying in certain areas of the line. Corrosion is another common issue prevalent in these materials, which often contributes to leaks and sewage seepage.

Contact us as soon as you notice:

  • Water gathering in cast iron pipe locations
  • Drainage that's unusually slow
  • Issues with more than one drain that leads to your sewer lines
  • Bad drain or sewer smells

The Replacement Process

Our approach to replacing cast iron pipes will depend on what works best for your situation. Rerouting the pipe trumps other replacement options, especially as we prioritize providing our clients with the most cost-effective resolution. Pipe replacement may overwhelm you at first, but we pride ourselves on doing our best for clients to find a solution that fits their needs and your budget. After an in-depth evaluation of the affected pipe, we will recommend what will achieve the best results. 

Entrust the Work to Our Team

In-House Plumbing Company has been the trusted source for cast iron pipe replacement and other sewer and water line services since 2001. Our commitment to A+ service at fair, honest rates is coupled with:

  • Free phone consultations
  • Quality work done with highly reliable materials
  • Free second opinions
  • Cleanliness guarantee

Say Goodbye to Cast Iron Pipe Problems

If you're having recurring issues with your cast iron sewer or drain lines, reach out to In-House Plumbing Company. Financing is available to make replacement even more doable budget-wise. Many of our services also include warranties. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our cast iron pipe replacement options.

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