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We Offer Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in Richardson, TX

If you have an older home that has cast iron pipes, give In-House Plumbing Company a call to talk about prompt and effective replacement. Our team specializes in cast iron pipe replacement in Richardson, TX, a process that leaves you with fewer worries and new pipes you'll be able to count on for many years.

Importance of Pipe Replacement

Cast iron sewer pipes were last used in local area homes in the mid-80s. If you live in one of these homes and your pipes have yet to undergo replacement, you likely have aging or corroded cast iron pipes. It's important to do away with these pipes since leaks can significantly damage your property, affect home value, and contribute to a host of problems.

The Main Benefits

  • Having new, highly durable pipes
  • Fewer issues with leaks, tree root intrusions, and drain problems
  • Enjoying properly functioning sewer or water lines

  • Avoid slab leaks or damage

Common Issues Prevalent in Cast Iron Pipes

These old pipes have an average life expectancy that ranges from 30 to 50 years. For this reason, it's not unusual for older homes in the local area to have cast iron pipe problems. Since the material is really heavy, one common issue is sinking or bellying. These pipes are also susceptible to damage from corrosion and cracking, which can become an even bigger problem if tree roots get into an opening.

The Red Flags

  • Wet spots in your yard from leaks
  • Slab damage if your home has a slab foundation
  • Stained or discolored tile or carpet
  • Raw sewage coming up in drains
  • Water pooling in your home's lowest spots
  • Drain back-ups or clogs

A Look at the Replacement Process

It's best to fully replace cast iron pipes since repairs aren't cost-effective, but don’t let the thought of pipe replacement overwhelm you. We understand it’s a big investment and we will do our best to find a solution that fits your needs and your budget. Our team will do a thorough evaluation of the affected pipe in order to provide you with our recommendations for the best results. In some instances, our technicians may reroute the pipe if that’s determined to be the best option.

Your Trusted Specialists

In-House Plumbing Company provides A+ work that's cost-effective and beneficial for homeowners in all areas with old, worn, or damaged cast iron pipes. Making us your preferred choice for cast iron replacement also means benefiting from:

  • Honest, budget-pleasing pricing
  • Free phone consultations
  • Complimentary second opinions
  • Warranties for most services
  • Financing options

Have Your Outdated Pipes Replaced Today

Find out for sure if it's time to replace your cast iron pipes by calling In-House Plumbing Company. We'll recommend a cost-effective replacement plan and get the work done as affordably and efficiently as possible. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, In-House Plumbing Company is just a phone call away when cast iron pipes need attention. Before you make any decision, we'll discuss options that apply to your situation, answer your questions, and put together a plan that's good for your budget and home. Contact us today to start with an initial inspection and free estimate. We also offer: