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Carrollton Texas Under Slab Detection

It's not a glamorous life, being the foundation of a house. Without you, there would be no house, and yet your owners tend to take you for granted. Like all other parts of a house, you at least run the risk of developing problems that can lead to instability and failure. Do homeowners know how to recognize the warning signs that they need a foundation repair?

"Creaky" doors and windows or ones that stick are signs of a foundation issue. So is wallpaper that's peeling away from walls, and cracks of all sizes appearing without warning in walls or flooring? Then there's a slab leak in your Carrollton home.

The slab in question is the concrete that makes up the foundation of a house. Piping generally lies underneath these slabs, and these pipes can crack, break and shift, causing sewage and fresh water leaks. An under slab leak can cause mildew to appear on your floor and you will notice an increase in your water bill. This slab leakage should not be taken lightly, as it can cause serious cracking and shifting of the slab. An unstable house foundation in turn, can render an entire house uninhabitable.


Identifying Under Slab Leaks in Carrollton

Slab leaks are not a DIY project that you can fix yourself. Detecting under slab leaks require the services of a professional plumbing company. In-House Plumbing Company is your solution for identifying slab leaks and solving any foundation repair issues. When it comes to addressing these issues it is important to find the leaks, avoid any additional damage from delayed solutions and it is important to hire the right company when it comes to getting the work done correctly.

That is why in the Carrollton, Texas area homeowners with slab leaks and water leaks can rely on the services of In-House Plumbing Company. We are a fully insured, licensed, and bonded company, whose technicians are experienced in detecting and identifying water leaks. While leak repair can be a messy job, that expertise from our team guarantees that the work is done correctly and we do not leave a mess behind.

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