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Top Name for Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in DeSoto, TX

DeSoto is one of the oldest North Texas communities. It's also a sprawling and bustling area peppered with many older homes with an abundance of charm and beauty. What we do at In-House Plumbing Company is help local homeowners with original cast iron pipes that necessitate a replacement. It's a money-saving option that can give you one less thing to worry about as you enjoy all there is to love about DeSoto.

Common Problems With Cast-Iron Pipes

These outdated pipes are often affected by corrosion first on the inside. As the years go on, this corrosion can weaken the pipes and contribute to cracks and breaks. When this happens, leaks develop and tree roots often get into the pipes. Shifting and bellying are other common cast iron pipe problems that often occur due to the heaviness of cast iron. Signs you likely have cast iron pipe issues include:

  • Water gathering where it shouldn't be
  • Bad sewer-related smells
  • Problems with your drains
  • Slab or property damage

Why Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Is Important

Maintaining cast iron pipes is often costly and not really worth the effort. We say this because it's common for issues with aging cast-iron pipes to continue to pop up even after one section has been fixed. Replacement also comes with added benefits that include:

  • Cutting down on repair expenses
  • Reducing issues with your home's drains
  • Minimizing the risk of costly property and foundation damage
  • Upping the value of your home, and its appeal to buyers if you sell in the future

Our Pipe Replacement Methods

Once we've confirmed there are issues with your cast iron pipes that need to be addressed, there are two main options we offer for our residential customers. These are:

  • Rerouting: Our most preferred option, we can reroute pipes to avoid significant tunneling. This means creating a different pathway with new pipes and abandoning the old cast iron ones entirely.
  • Replacement: Every home, and every situation, is different. If rerouting is not a viable option, we may recommend completely replacing your cast iron pipes with new pipes made from materials more durable and resistant to the problems common with cast iron pipes.

Work with Our Experts for Reliable Solutions

In-House Plumbing Company has been replacing cast iron pipes and addressing many other pipe and drain needs since 2001. Our services are reasonably priced and provided with quality and lasting value in mind. We work with our residential clients to come up with sensible, budget-pleasing solutions. For effective cast iron pipe replacement in DeSoto, TX, count on our team to make the process as worry-free as productive as possible from start to finish. Call us or fill out the form today to learn if you can benefit from this service.

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A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, In-House Plumbing Company is just a phone call away when cast iron pipes need attention. Before you make any decision, we'll discuss options that apply to your situation, answer your questions, and put together a plan that's good for your budget and home. Contact us today to start with an initial inspection and free estimate. We also offer: