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We Specialize in Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in Heath, TX

Perched in Rockwall and Kaufman counties, Heath is a cozy city with spectacular views and many well-maintained homes. If you live in one of them, you may have older cast iron pipes. This is often the case with any home built before 1990. If you live in an older home that has cast iron pipes, and you're ready to make a cost-effective decision, contact In-House Plumbing Company to discuss cast iron pipe replacement in Heath, TX.

Why It's Important

Cast iron pipes are notoriously difficult to maintain. This is why it's important to take action sooner rather than later when you're noticing ongoing issues with your cast iron sewer or drain lines. Cast iron pipe replacement comes with many appealing benefits, some of which include:

  • Fewer sewer-related emergencies
  • No more frequent repairs needed
  • Added savings from better-performing drains
  • Reduced risk of costly property damage

Common Cast Iron Pipe Problems

Corrosion is often the first problem that affects cast iron pipes over time, often occurring on the inside due to direct water exposure. The heaviness of cast iron can also contribute to an assortment of problems, including cracking, leaking, and sinking or bellying. Signs and symptoms associated with cast iron pipe issues include:

  • Slab cracks
  • Sewer-related smells that are noticeable indoors
  • Wall or floor issues

How We Replace Residential Cast Iron Pipes

The drain lines, also called the sewer pipes, run from most major appliances, including your showers, toilets, and sinks. Regardless of where they originate, all drain lines route back to the main sewer line. Depending on your home’s configuration, your main sewer line will either connect to a septic tank or a sewer city system. Since rerouting pipes is a complex task, it requires the assistance of a Heath, TX sewer repair expert to fix. Our first option is trying to re-route the pipes. Essentially, a rerouting project involves rearranging the pipes to connect the drains with the main sewer line. If that is not possible, a full-on replacement is the best option left. Due to the conditions common with older cast iron pipes, we typically recommend re-routing or replacement rather than settling for repairs because sooner or later the remaining cast iron pipe will end up needing service frequently. It's replacement is the best course of action, it's usually best to do this with traditional methods to remove the older cast iron pipes. New pipes are installed and properly connected once the existing pipes are removed.

Why Choose Us When Your Cast Iron Pipes Need to be Replaced

Since 2001, In-House Plumbing Company has been a trusted local source for cast iron pipe replacement in Heath, TX. You'll find our rates reasonable and our courteous, experienced team a pleasure to work with from start to finish. We're also the company to call on for additional services that include:

  • Sewer Services: Find out for sure if sewer line replacement is worth considering by contacting our local pros. We service all types of residential sewer lines with repair and replacement methods appropriate for the situation.
  • Water Line Repair: Water lines under slabs can leak and affect your home's water pressure or contribute to other serious issues. Reduce the risk of costly damage to your foundation and property and contact as soon as water line issues are noticed.
  • Under-Slab Services: Hydrostatic and isolation testing are the methods we use to confirm and locate leaks under concrete slabs. If you have any concerns about pipes under your slab foundation, give us a call.

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We make the cast iron pipe replacement as stress-free and productive as possible at In-House Plumbing Company for our customers in Heath, TX. Simply reach out to us to start with an initial consultation so we can discuss your needs and determine the most effective and efficient way to approach pipe replacement.

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