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The Top Team for Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in Lewisville, TX

Lewisville is a rapidly growing Denton County city near Dallas. Part of its charm is the many older homes here, which often means cast iron pipes are still in place and in use. If you call this beautiful city home and have issues with your cast iron sewer lines, reach out to In-House Plumbing Company to see if you could benefit from cast iron pipe replacement in Lewisville, TX.

How You Benefit from Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

Repairing cast iron pipes is rarely cost-effective or productive. Based on the experiences of many clients, we can tell you it's common for new problems to develop in other pipe locations after repairs have been made. Aside from the benefit of not having to consistently hunt down and repair problems, cast iron pipe replacement is also favorable because it gives you new pipes that perform a lot better. Other benefits associated with cast iron pipe replacement in Lewisville, TX, include:

  • Fewer repair-related costs
  • Increased flow and drainage
  • Fewer issues with household drains
  • Reduced risk of foundation and property damage

Top Cast Iron Pipe Issues

A lot of the chemicals we flush down drains are caustic and rust cast iron drain pipes from the inside out, so if your cast iron pipes have been in place for a while, there's probably some internal corrosion. This is typically the first issue that affects cast iron pipes. It can eventually weaken the pipes enough to cause cracks to develop. These pipes can also be affected by tree roots, shifts in the soil, and sagging due to the heaviness of cast iron. Signs you likely have cast iron pipe problems include:

  • Slab/foundation cracks
  • Wall misalignment – or difficulty opening doors/windows
  • Water gathering above where underground pipes are located
  • Lingering or worsening sewer odors

How Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Works

Rerouting is the preferred method to address cast iron pipe issues. This process involves disconnecting the old pipes and creating a different pathway with new pipes. If this is not possible, however, the best option left is complete replacement. In this instance, the older cast iron pipes are fully removed so we can go ahead and install durable new ones that are easier to maintain.

Choose the Leader in Pipe Replacement

In-House Plumbing Company has been a trusted local source for sewer and pipe services that include cast iron pipe replacement since 2001. Our crew provides top-quality results with equally reliable materials coupled with reasonable rates and prompt, attentive service. We're also the company to count on for the following services:

  • Sewer Services: We service residential sewer lines affected by age, general use, or any other factors. You'll receive an honest opinion so you can decide if replacement is the best option.
  • Water Line Repair: Water lines under slabs can be affected by friction, corrosion, and many other conditions. If you're noticing unexplained water pressure drops or other signs of a problem, give us a call for water line repair.
  • Under-Slab Services: Our experienced team addresses a range of under-slab pipe issues, including known or suspected leaks. We do specialized tests to identify and locate under-slab leaks so appropriate actions can be taken.

Give Our Local Team a Call

Get your money's worth and then some by making In-House Plumbing Company your top choice for cast iron pipe replacement in Lewisville, TX. We base our recommendations on what's right for the situation along with what works best for your budget and property. Contact us today to learn more about cast iron pipe replacement or to schedule an appointment.

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