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Bordered to the east by Lavon Lake, Lucas is a picturesque residential Collin County community that traces its origins to the mid-1800s. If you live in one of the many charming older homes here you may still have the original cast iron pipes in place. If this is the case for you, talk to the experienced team from In-House Plumbing Company about cast iron pipe replacement in Lucas, TX.

A Vital Option

Cast iron pipes were extremely common until the late 20th century. This is when the inherent problems associated with these pipes became clear – mainly that they're highly susceptible to rust, corrosion, cracks, and leaks. Keep in mind that repairs are a short-term solution. While it may cost significantly less upfront, what it does, is simply delay the inevitability of replacements.

We realize cast iron pipe replacement is an investment, but it's one that can easily pay off thanks to benefits that include:

  • Fewer repair expenses
  • Improved property and home value
  • Better-performing drains
  • Reduced risk of costly foundation/slab damage

Common Issues Affecting Cast Iron Pipes

These outdated pipes can belly or shift due to the heaviness of this material. Usually starting on the inside, corrosion is another common source of cast iron pipe damage. As cast iron pipes can corrode slowly, you may not realize it's an issue until you start noticing signs of a leak or related damage. These include:

  • Foundation and/or property damage
  • Wall movement or shifting
  • Noticeable odors
  • Recurring drain problems

How We Replace Cast Iron Pipes

We offer solutions tailored to the needs of our residential clients. With cast iron pipe replacement, we usually recommend rerouting, which involves abandoning the cast iron pipes and creating a new connection. This saves you from the hassle of massive amounts of tunneling. If that is not a viable option, a full replacement will be the best possible solution left since repairs aren't cost-effective or practical. The most effective method is to remove the old cast iron pipes so that new ones made from a more reliable material can be installed.

Why Choose Us for Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

In-House Plumbing Company has been treating clients to honest, pressure-free opinions and top-quality work since 2001. In addition to affordable, cost-effective cast iron pipe replacement, we're your trusted local source for services that include:

  • Sewer Services: We service residential sewer lines that are leaking or in need of attention for any other reason. Our sewer-related services include honest repair vs. replacement recommendations and sensible, long-term solutions.
  • Water Line Repair: If your water lines need quickly repaired or fully replaced, give us a call. We specialize in the repair and service of residential water lines in Lucas, TX, located below slab foundations.
  • Under-Slab Services: We diagnose and solve any issues involving pipes under slabs. Our under-slab services include leak detection and location, which we do with hydrostatic and isolation testing.

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Make a confident decision when it's time to update your older cast iron pipes by reaching out to In-House Plumbing Company. We help our clients make smart decisions. Once we complete the work, you'll have highly reliable new pipes and added peace of mind! Call us or fill out the form to discuss cast iron pipe replacement or to schedule an appointment.

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