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The Leader in Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in North Dallas, TX

North Dallas is a largely residential area with many homes that have been around since the 1980s or earlier. While there's something to be said for the charm that goes along with older homes, they can also have older cast iron pipes. If this applies to the place you call home, reach out to In-House Plumbing Company to see if you can benefit from cast iron pipe replacement in North Dallas, TX.

Why Is Cast Iron Replacement Important?

Ignoring cast iron pipe problems isn't a good idea. If you put off replacement, you could end up with costly property damage or have ongoing repair needs. Simply put, the smart choice to make is to schedule a full-on replacement, rather than put it off for quick repairs, that only give short-term benefits, if any at all.

Some of the additional perks that go along with cast iron pipe replacement in North Dallas, TX, include:

  • Fewer repair-related expenses
  • Reduced risk of serious and costly foundation damage
  • Better sewer and drain system performance
  • Fewer maintenance and upkeep responsibilities

Common Cast Iron Pipe Issues

Cast iron pipes are often affected by corrosion, wear, damage from tree roots or ground movement, and bellying as well as similar issues related to the heaviness of cast iron. Signs it's time to contact us about cast iron pipe replacement in North Dallas, TX, include:

  • Wall or foundation shifts
  • Floor and/or wall cracking
  • Problems with multiple drains
  • Noticeable odors and/or mold issues

How We Replace Cast Iron Pipes

Due to the unique features associated with cast iron and how difficult it is to effectively repair cast iron pipes, we recommend rerouting or a full replacement. Our first choice is rerouting, either via rerouting to the outside or a different direction under the slab. Rerouting avoids massive amounts of tunneling and having to expose the entire pipe. If it is determined that rerouting them is not a feasible option, then a full replacement will be advised. Either wayo, yu'll be left with reliable new pipes when our experienced local crew is done.

Why Choose In-House for Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

In-House Plumbing Company has been earning the respect and trust of customers since 2001. We continue to do this with first-rate service that includes free phone consultations, honest pricing, pressure-free opinions, and top-quality work. Additional residential services we provide in North Dallas, TX, include:

  • Sewer Repair: We are also the company to call for any sewer-related service needs that may be demanding your attention. This includes the repair or replacement of other types of residential sewer lines that require expert assistance.
  • Water Line Repair: A sudden drop in pressure is one of the more common signs of a water line problem that should be reason enough to give us a call. We repair all types of residential water lines, including ones under concrete slabs.
  • Under-Slab Services: We specialize in under-slab services in North Dallas, TX, that include slab leak detection. If a leak is confirmed, we perform specialized tests to determine the affected area so repairs can be made.

Reach Out to the In-House Team Today

What we do best at In-House Plumbing Company is personalize our services to the needs of our residential clients in North Dallas, TX, and the nearby areas we serve. With cast iron pipe replacement, we make this process orderly, affordable, and ultimately beneficial with careful planning and completion. Contact us today to set up an appointment with our local experts to discuss your options.

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