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Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in Rockwall, TX

Not far from Dallas, Rockwall is a bustling, picturesque community officially founded in the early 1850s. Many of the homeowners here appreciate the added charm of the older homes in the area. These homes often have aging sewer pipes still in place. At In-House Plumbing Company, we specialize in cast iron pipe replacement, a service that can be especially beneficial if you have an older home that still relies on its original cast iron sewer lines.

Why We Recommend Moving On from Your Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron pipes often remain out of sight out of mind for many years. Problems occur as these pipes age and become damaged from years of use and exposure to wastewater. Replacement is important because it's a cost-effective and long-term way to update your home's sewer system. Cast iron pipe replacement in Rockwall, TX, offers these additional benefits:

  • Fewer costly and unexpected repairs
  • Reduced risk of slab foundation damage
  • Household drains that work more efficiently
  • Improved home value

The Common Problems With Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron pipes are usually affected by corrosion first. This is a slow and steady process that can go undetected for many years until you start noticing signs of a problem. They can also be affected by movements in the soil, pipe "bellying" or sagging, and a loss of structural integrity from tree root damage. Signs it's time to call us about cast iron pipe replacement include:

  • Soggy spots on your lawn or by your foundation
  • Slab cracks
  • Lingering or strong sewer odors
  • Structural damage that may extend to your walls or floors

How We Replace Cast Iron Pipes

We found from our years of experience that rather than repair, it's best to fully replace aging or damaged cast iron pipes. Our first option is through re-routing. This involves finding a new entry and exit point for your pipe. Where the pipes will be rerouted depends on many factors that we will discuss with you prior to beginning any rerouting work. This method often saves us from significant amounts of tunneling when compared to a full replacement. If rerouting is not an option, a full replacement using the traditional method of digging and removing the pipe, is the best possible course of action. Once the damaged pipe is removed, new ones can be inserted within the same space. The new pipes are made of safe, durable materials that are more resistant to corrosion and tree root intrusions.

Why Work with Us for Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

Since 2001, In-House has been meeting and exceeding customer expectations in all the areas we serve. We do this with services provided with quality, efficiency, and affordability in mind. In addition, we're the company to turn to for:

  • Sewer Services: Take advantage of our residential sewer services if you have any concerns about your sewer system. We'll let you know if it's time to consider replacement or any other steps that may be appropriate.
  • Water Line Repair: We're equally prepared to diagnose and resolve issues with residential water lines in Rockwall, TX. Another of our specializations is the repair and replacement of water lines under concrete slabs.
  • Under-Slab Services: In addition to pipe repair and replacement, our under-slab services include leak detection. This is a process we complete with minimally disruptive testing methods that provide reliable answers so appropriate solutions can be recommended.

Enjoy A+ Service from Our Local Team

Another reason to work with In-House Plumbing Company when you need your residential pipes updated is our customer-friendly approach to doing business. We provide honest opinions and estimates so our clients can make well-informed, budget-friendly decisions. Contact us today to find out if you can benefit from cast iron pipe replacement.

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Call Today for Prompt, Attentive, A+ Service

A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, In-House Plumbing Company is just a phone call away when cast iron pipes need attention. Before you make any decision, we'll discuss options that apply to your situation, answer your questions, and put together a plan that's good for your budget and home. Contact us today to start with an initial inspection and free estimate. We also offer: