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Under Slab Sewer Pipe Replacement


In our opinion there are two ways to access a sewer leak under a concrete slab for repair:

  • 1 Penetrate through the slab; remove the concrete and dirt to expose the leak.
  • 2 Tunnel from an outside access hole under the slab to avoid interior reinstatement and inconvenience to the homeowner.

In-House Plumbing Company prefers to tunnel from the outside to fix leaks when possible, as it is also cost effective. However, before we even begin digging up your home we can provide you with multiple options for repair upon request.

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3 Ways To Replace Pipe Under A Concrete Slab

In north Texas there are generally three ways plumbers in our industry replace pipe under a concrete slab. Let’s discuss the three different methods now.

In order to isolate a leak we need to perform a test

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We use two methods for under concrete pipe replacement

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