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Under Slab Water Leak Repair


Many other companies within our industry believe that tunneling from the outside of the house is an option for repair of a fresh water leak. In-House Plumbing Company disagrees with these companies due to major safety and proper repair of the pipe concerns. We believe that tunneling under a concrete slab when the dirt is very wet and unstable is extremely dangerous for the workers doing the tunneling.

Also, sometimes in order to properly repair a fresh water leak under a concrete slab in copper pipe the pipe must be silver soldered which is a process requiring a torch. In order to get the pipe hot enough to silver soldier it, there has to be a ton of fresh oxygen inside and around the repair area. Unfortunately a tunnel no matter how long it is restricts the proper flow of air into and out of the tunnel. Many people believe that they can blow or suck air in and out of a tunnel, and although this might be correct in some cases, every situation is different and it is bad enough to have to repair a pipe one time, it would certainly not be fun to expose and repair it a second time because the lack of oxygen did not allow for the pipe to be repaired properly so the leak started again shortly down the road.

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Exposed Under Slab Leak

Once the leak is exposed and the pipe repair is completed, a post repair plumbing water test of the entire water system will be done to be sure there are no additional leaks. This test is very important to make sure our repair has been repaired properly, there are no additional leaks close to our excavated area that have just not been exposed and there are no leaks anywhere else within the system. A no leak test must be achieved on the entire system before any dirt is put back into the excavated area.

When interior excavation is performed through the walls and/or a concrete slab we will not be responsible to reinstate any type of wall boards or flooring.

Most of the time with fresh water leak detection it is necessary to locate and repair one leak then retest the water system to determine if there are any further leak(s). In these cases additional costs could apply for additional work.

Avoid Re-Routing Water Pipes


Many people in our industry highly recommend re-routing water pipes to the attic to resolve a leak under a slab, however this is not something that we recommend at all. We believe re-routing should be avoided at all costs and be used only as an absolute last possible option. Putting fresh water lines in walls and attics where one leak could cause major damage to a home is in our opinion a very bad idea.

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