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Water Line Replacement (In Yard)

If a leak is detected we can then evaluate the exact problem, if the leak is determined to be concealed underground and the exact location is not known, we can perform a water leak detection to locate the leak.

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Sometimes it is not a good idea to repair a water leak in the yard depending on the type of pipe that currently exists from the meter to the house. It might be best to completely replace the line from the meter to the house, with this in mind, once the leak is detected or location is determined our trusted, experienced and honest team can come up with the most efficient and cost effective plan to expose and repair or replace the entire water line quickly and with minimal damage to your yard and landscaping.

Contact In-House Plumbing today to receive a free estimate for any water line replacement and detection. Our expert team can provide you with the assistance you need and offer the Free Second Opinion to help you confirm any problem that could be happening in your home.

With a rubber inflatable test ball we can isolate your leak

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A leak detection to help determine where it is located.

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Penetrating the concrete helps us find the leak under the slab

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