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Water Line Replacement (Repipe)

Most fresh water lines will never get a leak. And if they do, it’s usually a single leak which can be spot repaired.

But if you have two or more leaks, it’s highly likely you’ll have more. In these cases, we now recommend repiping the entire system.


Signs of an Under Slab Fresh Water Leak

  • Higher than normal water bills
  • Higher than normal gas or electric bills
  • Decrease in water pressure
  • Warm or hot spots on the floor
  • Wet spots on the floor
  • Little to no hot water
  • Sound of running water
  • Standing water in the yard

What is Repiping?

Unlike sewer pipes which work with the power of gravity and are installed at a slight decline, water pipes can be installed anywhere in the house. Because water pipes work on with a pressurized system, the pipes don’t have to be underground.

With repiping, the water pipes under the slab are abandoned and new pipes are rerouted through the house, typically up the walls and in the attic.

For a long time we didn’t recommend this option mainly because the potential for serious damage to your home if there is a leak. Because fresh water pipes always have water in them, if there’s a leak in under slab pipes, it leaks into the ground.

But if there’s a leak in a pipe in the wall, it could damage the walls and possibly flood your home.

However, as this is the best available option at this time, and most homes are now built with water pipes in the walls and attic, we recommend repiping.

Why Not Spot Repair Multiple Leaks

Again, if there is more than one leak, then the question is not if you’ll get another leak but when. Multiple leaks could mean your pipes are old and failing or something was wrong with them in the first place.

Because we don’t tunnel to leaks because it is dangerous. If you have a fresh water leak under the slab, water has been leaking into the soil for a good amount of time. This makes the soil extremely wet which means tunnel walls are unstable.

So say we did spot repair multiple leaks, it would probably mean punching multiple holes into your floor. This is much more expensive and time-consuming than repiping the whole house.

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