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Damaged cast iron pipes

Many homes in Richardson, TX, and the surrounding area, built in the 1980s or earlier, feature a cast iron sewer pipe. This once commonly used material typically provides about 20 to 50 years of use before it fails. At In-House Plumbing Company, we serve as the area’s go-to experts for sewer pipe line replacement. Understanding the many disadvantages of sticking with cast iron pipes helps you make an informed decision about your plumbing and wastewater system.


One of the most common reasons for sewer repair in Richardson, TX involves corrosion. When iron becomes oxidized, it rusts. As rust flakes off little by little over time, it weakens the pipe and can cause severe corrosion, resulting in holes and cracks to form in cast iron sewer pipes.


Out of all pipe materials, cast iron weighs the most. The weight of the pipe may compact or compress the underlying soil. When a cast iron drain pipe leaks wastewater, the excess liquid can cause the soil to expand and shift and may cause the pipe to collapse. A collapsed pipe requires urgent sewer repair services.

Lead Solder

Cast iron isn’t inherently dangerous. However, many homes that were built pre 1985 have cast iron pipes that have lead solder at the joints and connections. While these pipes aren’t used for drinking, there are known health concerns when lead is consumed. Deterioration of the pipe can cause the lead to leach out and possibly contaminate nearby groundwater. Have the experts perform a sewer pipe line repair or replacement as soon as you notice any issues, before the pipe causing further issues, to not only your drainage system, but also your environment.

Internal Corrosion

The failure of a cast iron pipe often begins from within the pipe. Biological waste interacts with cast iron pipes and releases hydrogen sulfide. The gradual accumulation of this gas hastens the corrosion process and severe corrosion has already begun long before you may notice. This is just another reason why we recommend you replace sewer line pipes.

When you need a cast iron pipe replacement, we recommend materials made to last. Our honesty, integrity, and upfront pricing make us the top choice for sewer repairs and replacement. For more details about the disadvantages of cast iron pipes, reach out to our team at In-House Plumbing Company any time!

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