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Damaged water line

Water line damages can be an inconvenient and costly ordeal. In some instances, property owners don’t realize they’re experiencing line damage until they notice changes in their pressure. By then, they have a full-blown water line issue on their hands.

Before reaching out for water line repair in Garland, TX, In-House Plumbing Company stresses that you need to understand why your water line malfunctions. Here are some common water damage culprits.

Faulty Installation

Typically, water lines last for around 70 years before needing replacement. Even if you have a quality water line, improper water line installation will yield problems in your home. You may also have premature damage if you’ve moved into a newly renovated home or recently had sub-par water services performed.

Pest Intervention

Living in an area with many outdoor pests can increase the likelihood of a damaged water line. By chewing through the water line, rats and other outdoor critters cause costly leaks. You may not realize this is the cause of leaking until you have a professional to diagnose the problem.

Intense Weather

Areas with frequent weather changes are vulnerable to water leaks. Texas residents are prone to a myriad of weather patterns that may force them to have premature water line replacement procedures. Water lines aren’t very far below the ground, making them susceptible to significant forms of damage.

Experiencing a water leak is troubling for all homeowners. If you notice a change in your water pressure or other water-related issues, make sure to call for prompt water line services. The sooner you recognize there’s potential damage, the sooner you can act to save money and minimize the negative impact on your home.

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