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Tell me if you’ve ever heard this one: Terms and conditions may apply.

If you’ve ever purchased something and it came with a warranty, there are almost always “terms and conditions,” the fine print that many never bother to read.

The same holds true in the plumbing industry. However, here at In-House we like to be very upfront and clear about our warranty.

What Is a Warranty?

So let’s quickly go over what a warranty is.

Very simply, a warranty is a promise given by a manufacturer or service provider to the customer promising to repair and/or replace what was purchased within a certain amount of time under certain conditions.

Essentially, a warranty protects both the buyer and the manufacturer/service provider. The buyer won’t get ripped off by shoddy work and materials, and the latter is protected from liability for the rest of time.
Simple enough, right? Well it is until you add in those pesky “terms and conditions.”

For example, say a hypothetical warranty covers repairs and replacement parts for the lifetime of an appliance like a fridge or a stove. Pretty straightforward, right? Yes, if the purchaser understands that the lifetime of this particular appliance may only be 10 years.

25 Year Underslab Plumbing Warranty?

Now there are some plumbing companies in the Dallas area telling customers they provide a 25 year warranty. And there are even some claiming lifetime warranties.

But here’s the thing about these “long-term” warranties. The likelihood of any company covering any repairs when you call them five, 10, 20 years down the road is pretty much zero to none. They will come out and then say something along the lines of the damage being out of their control or did not occur because of anything they did and the repair will not be covered.

Now that’s not to say that isn’t true. In our experience, if there is something wrong with the materials or the work, it is noticeable pretty early on. So while it may be true that any repairs needed 20 years down the road is not because of anything the plumber did, you are still being misled when you are told there is a 25 year—or lifetime—warranty.

In-House Plumbing Company Warranty

Because honesty and integrity are overriding tenets in how we do business, it is important to us here at In-House to always be upfront with everyone we talk to and work with.

We currently have a one year, no questions asked warranty. Sure we could also use a long-term warranty to help “sell” ourselves and our work but knowing what we know, that is all but an empty promise.

First, the clay soil in the North Texas area expands when it gets wet and contracts as it dries. Because of this frequent expansion and contraction, it’s very possible for a home’s foundation to shift.

Second, as I mentioned before, if there is a problem with the parts or if we did something wrong, in the overwhelming number of situations, the customer will know within a year.

If a problem doesn’t occur within the first year, it’s most likely not something we did. And most, if not all, plumbing companies in the Dallas area are aware of this as well. So they can “sell” you on a 25 year warranty knowing it’s unlikely they will ever have to cover any repairs.

But with our warranty—even if it isn’t our fault—if it happens within the first year, we cover it.
Now that’s not to say if something happens after that first year and it turns out it is our fault, that we won’t cover it. We will.

We don’t need a warranty, written or not, to stand behind our work. Unlike other companies in the area, we do what we say.

Watch Out For Empty Promises

So if a plumbing company uses a long-term warranty as a selling point for using their services, it’s important for you to know what is and isn’t covered. Make sure you understand what the “terms and conditions” are.

Remember, it’s extremely easy to say something but it’s another thing to back it up.

If you have any question about anything here or about something another company told you, do not hesitate to give us a call at 972-203-6479. Or you can also email us at service@inhouseplumbingcompany.com.

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