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Plumbing problems in your home cause many to panic.

You probably have a lot of questions: How did it happen? What do I do now?

Rest assured, others have dealt with the same issues. Chances are even better that a plumbing professional has heard your question before.

Check out some of the most common questions and answers that may ease your mind when plumbing issues arise in your home.

1. Why Is My Toilet Running?

A running toilet that won’t stop isn’t just an aggravation. It can also do serious damage to your water bill.

Fortunately, fixing it isn’t very complicated. The first place to look is the handle-flapper connection. It might need a simple adjustment. Or the fill valve may need to be replaced, which is a little more complicated and may require the services of a plumbing company.

2. Why Is There a Leak and Where Is It Coming From?

You may first notice a leak because of a water stain on the ceiling or a wall. But, when you look for the obvious source of the leak (like behind the wall) you can’t find it.

Leaks can be tough to track down because water can travel far enough away from the original source to make the origin of the leak hard to find. Plumbing leak repair can get complicated, so it’s best not to do this type of work yourself.

3. How Do I Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal?

There are a couple of points to remember with this question.

First, using an Allen wrench (insert it into the bottom of the disposal and “crank” it) is often all you need to do to fix the jam.

The second point is if that doesn’t work; don’t keep trying. You could cause serious damage to your disposal motor and possibly your electrical system.

If a jam can’t be fixed by a plumbing service professional, then the unit will probably have to be replaced.

4. How Long Does a Hot Water Heater Last?

While it can vary by make and model, most water heaters are built to last for about 10 to 15 years.

One thing you can do to extend the life of your tank water heater is to flush it out once a year. Sediment builds up in the tank over time and decreases its efficiency and the amount of hot water available.

5. How Do I Know If I Have a Broken Water Line?

Some signs of a broken water line include water puddles in your yard, a water bill that’s suddenly much higher than normal, or the sound of running water when your faucets are off.

6. What Causes Low Water Pressure?

Low pressure can be caused by a variety of things, including deposit buildups and other blockages. Ask your neighbors if their water pressure has also been affected.

7. What Are the Differences Between Hard and Soft Water?

Soft water has fewer ions that can cause deposits and other buildups. Soft water, more so than hard water, which has higher concentrations of those ions, protects pipes and prevents buildup.

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