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Sewer Leak Test - Hydrostatic Test

Once the test ball is filled with air we choose a slab level water test observation point inside the home to allow us to observe water once the sewer lines are filled to slab level, this could be a stand up shower drain, commode floor flange (commode will need to be pulled) or a clean out riser in some situations.

Garland Sewer Leak Testing

Once the observation point has been chosen, we turn on the water inside the home as necessary at certain fixtures such as the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, tub, shower and/or anywhere else water can be run within the home. The water that is run will ultimately flow downhill to the test ball we placed in the line at the cleanout area but not exit the line.

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Once the entire line is filled we wait twenty minutes to see if the water level drops or holds. If the level holds this would indicate you do not have an under slab sewer leak in your home. However, after all human error possibilities are eliminated and there is a drop in water or the sewer system never filled up; this would indicate there is at least one leak somewhere under the slab of the home.

Hydrostatic Sewer Leak Test

A hydrostatic sewer leak test in Garland, TX only determines if there is a leak and does not determine where the leak is located. If a leak is detected it would be necessary to move forward with the next step of our under slab leak repair process which would be locating the leak(s). Speak with one of our expert plumbers at In-House Plumbing Company and receive a SECOND FREE ESTIMATE today for a Garland sewer leak test.

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