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Reliable Drain Cleaning in Plano TX

Fall and winter seasons tend to be rainy in Plano, TX, and summers can bring seasonal storms. This kind of weather can affect sewer drains by sending a deluge of debris into the drains on a regular basis. When this happens, you can expect inevitable clogs and backups to follow. In-House Plumbing & Services keeps your sewer drains clog-free with top-quality drain cleaning in Plano, TX.

Benefits of Consulting Our Team Instead of DIY

Light cleanings between professional cleanings are fine. However, it's better to have your sewer drains professionally cleaned after major storms or when there's a fairly significant accumulation of debris. Pros have the tools and resources required to safely clean sewer line drains. We also have the expertise required to determine if your cast iron sewer lines may be contributing to your drain issues.

How Blockages Affect Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron sewer lines are highly susceptible to corrosion. As corrosion takes its toll on cast iron pipes, these lines are more likely to sink or collapse. Blockages cause water to build up, which puts extra pressure on cast iron sewer lines already likely to have issues here and there. Blockages also increase the risk of heavy debris landing on top of cast iron pipes.

Signs it's time to call us to schedule a sewer drain cleaning include:

  • Bad drain odors
  • Clogs and backups
  • Sewer drains that are filled with debris
  • Pooled water near drains

Reasons a Cast Iron Pipe Replacement May Be Needed

Drain Cleaning usually leads to a cast iron pipe replacement. The main reason is that in many cases with older homes, there is blockage because the cast iron pipe has collapsed or failed in some way. We offer cast iron pipe replacement services to address the issues that may be affecting your sewer line drains.

Drain Cleaning FAQs

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In-House Plumbing & Services takes care of sewer drain issues, prevents them with regular cleanings, and addresses issues involving related cast iron sewer lines. Call today and we'll be on the way. We also provide free estimates.

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Whether you have a sewer problem you know about or one you only suspect, In-House Plumbing Company is ready to offer solutions. Get in touch with us and we'll provide a free estimate and a clearly explained assessment of the problem. Contact us today or fill out our online form for an affordable and personalized approach to: