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Top-Notch Cast Iron Pipe replacement in Plano, TX

Cast iron pipes were once the go-to sewer line pipe material–and with good reason. These pipes are fairly durable when first installed. However, cast iron pipes also have a tendency to rust as they age, which means increasingly frequent repairs. The good news is In-House Plumbing Company offers premium quality cast iron pipe replacement in Plano, TX.

Importance of Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

Cast iron pipe replacement saves money in the long run by minimizing the need for sewer line repairs. In fact, the savings can really add up over time. If these sewer lines aren't replaced, you could also end up with damage to your foundation or landscape. Cast iron pipe replacement benefits also include:

  • An uptick in the value of your home
  • Possible savings on your homeowner’s policy
  • Drains that flow better
  • Not as many clogs and backups

Common Issues Prevalent in Cast Iron Pipes

Corrosion is the main issue with cast iron sewer pipes. Since cast iron sewer lines are heavy, there may also be issues with sinking or misalignment. Signs it's time to give us a call for cast iron sewer line replacement include:

  • Bad sewer or indoor drain odors
  • Recurring clogs
  • Wet spots on your lawn or sunken-in areas
  • Slow-draining drains

A Look at the Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Process

Even if you have no issues with your cast iron pipes as yet, there is still a need to replace them because of one simple fact: Cast iron pipes close in as they get older. The more time passes by, the smaller the pipe interiors become–which is why we offer cast iron replacement services. We do so by first securing the pipes that need to be replaced–remember that cast iron pipes have a considerable heft to them. The pipes are then cut out strategically and aptly replaced with PVC which is a much more preferable material for pipe lines. After removing the lead and other remnants of the cast iron pipe, a service bushing is put into place to allow us to attach the PVC pipe to the rest of the (non-cast iron) piping system.

As cast iron replacement is quite a huge undertaking, it is ideal to have it done together with a neighbor as the pipe replacement crew can come in at the same time and possibly pass some savings to all parties involved.

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement FAQs

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Since 2001, In-House Plumbing Company has been the trusted company to turn to for cast iron pipe replacement. We know the area well since we live and work in many of the communities we serve. You'll also find our rates upfront and reasonable and our attention to detail second to none. We also provide sewer, water line, and under-slab services you're welcome to take advantage of as necessary.

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