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Industry Experts Providing Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in Princeton, TX

The Collin County city of Princeton was founded by two farming brothers in the 1870s. Today, it's a place with many beautiful older homes with mature trees, which often means recurring issues with cast iron pipes affected by age and sprawling roots. If you live in one of these homes, reach out to In-House Plumbing Company to learn more about cast iron pipe replacement in Princeton, TX.

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement – Importance and Benefits

Cast iron pipes are no longer recommended or common. A big reason for this is that they can be extremely difficult to repair and maintain. Replacement is important because it gives you new pipes that are much more dependable and less susceptible to costly damage. Other benefits that go along with replacing cast iron sewer lines are:

  • Reducing the need for frequent and costly repairs
  • Improving how your home's drains work
  • Protecting your foundation and other parts of your home
  • Adding value to your home

Top Signs of Cast Iron Pipe Problems

Cast iron is extremely heavy, which often contributes to pipe bellying or misalignment. Corrosion is another common cast iron pipe problem. It typically begins on the inside of the pipes and weakens them enough to cause leaks. Tree roots can also get into cast iron pipes and cause damage. Signs associated with cast iron pipe issues include:

  • Soggy spots in pipe locations
  • Wall misalignment and other property damage
  • Issues with the drains in your home
  • Noticeable and recurring sewer-related smells
  • Foundation cracks

How We Replace Cast Iron Pipes

The first option before we consider replacing cast iron pipes is rerouting. In this case, the cast iron pipes are left in place and a new connection is established to redirect flow. If this is something we cannot execute for one reason or another, replacement is our best bet. This involves fully removing the existing albeit outdated pipes. We then install lighter, top-quality pipes afterward. We use materials in line with today's standards and preferences, which means sewer lines designed for many years of use.

Why Work with Us When Your Cast Iron Pipes Need an Update

In-House Plumbing Company has been leading the way when it comes to pipe replacement since 2001 and is the top choice for cast iron pipe replacement in Princeton, TX and the surrounding areas. We strive to provide our customers with top notch service and results that can pay off with long-term savings. Call us or fill out the form today to talk to our team about cast iron pipe replacement and get started with an honest, accurate assessment and estimate.

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A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, In-House Plumbing Company is just a phone call away when cast iron pipes need attention. Before you make any decision, we'll discuss options that apply to your situation, answer your questions, and put together a plan that's good for your budget and home. Contact us today to start with an initial inspection and free estimate. We also offer: