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The Expert for Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in Dallas, TX

The sprawling city of Dallas traces its earliest beginnings to the 18th century. Given the region's rich history, it's not unusual to find many older homes here. In fact, many local homes built prior to the mid-1980s can still have cast iron pipes. If this is the case with your home, In-House Plumbing Company is the company to call on when it's time to consider cast iron pipe replacement in Dallas, TX.

Why It Matters

It's not easy to maintain cast iron pipes. Even if repairs are made in one area, it's not unusual for entirely new problems to develop in other spots. It's important to deal with these issues sooner rather than later to minimize repair costs and prevent costly property damage. Through thorough planning, cast iron pipe replacement offers an assortment of appealing benefits that include:

  • New pipes that perform much better
  • Lower expenses in the long run
  • Not as many issues with drains in your home
  • An increase in the overall value of your property

Cast iron replacement can involve rerouting, which is our first consideration when taking on a project. In this case, a new connection is established and the damaged cast iron pipes are abandoned. While we do everything possible to reroute the pipes, many times we have no choice but to replace them. With complete replacement, the old cast iron pipes are fully removed and replaced with new pipes made from lighter, highly durable, easier to maintain materials. We'll work with you to find a solution appropriate for your needs and budget.

Common Cast Iron Pipe Problems

Cast iron is extremely heavy, so a common issue is pipe sinking or bellying. The excess pipe weight can also contribute to cracks. Corrosion and damage from tree roots are among some of the other fairly common cast iron pipe problems. Signs you may benefit from cast iron pipe replacement include:

  • Frequent drain problems
  • Bad drain or sewer smells
  • Slab cracks
  • Floor or wall damage
  • Unexplained mold issues

Let Us Handle Your Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Work

A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, In-House Plumbing Company is your trusted source for cast iron pipe replacement in Dallas, TX. Become one of our much-appreciated residential customers and you'll benefit from:

  • Sewer Repair: Whether your sewer lines are cracked or damaged in some other way, give us a call and we'll assess the situation. Our approach to sewer repair and replacement is thorough and tailored to your needs and budget.
  • Water Line Repair: Water lines, especially ones under slabs, can be affected by age and other conditions over time. When your water lines need some attention, contact our team for water line repair.
  • Under-Slab Services: Isolation and hydrostatic testing are the methods we use to identify slab leaks. Our under-slab services also include repair and replacement once the source of the problem has been identified.

Contact Our Pipe Experts Today

In-House Plumbing Company makes the process of cast iron pipe replacement affordable and efficient from start to finish. We look forward to giving you some extra peace of mind with newly installed pipes designed to serve you well for many years. Call us or fill out the form today to schedule an appointment.

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