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Water Leak Repair Richardson TX

A water leak in your fresh water system is a pressing issue and must be fixed immediately.

Unlike sewer pipes, fresh water pipes work on a pressurized system which means there is always water in them. There is a valve in your plumbing fixtures that is released when you turn on the faucet or flush a toilet allowing the water to come out. Then when you turn the faucet back off or the water reaches the required level in the toilet, the valve seals and water can no longer flow.

All that to say, if you have a leak in a fresh water pipe water is constantly leaking.

If your water pipes are in your walls, you’ll know pretty quick because a burst pipe in the wall will soon damage your wall and flood your home. How fast depends on the severity of the leak.

Water leaks in pipes under the slab, however, leak into the ground so it’s not as apparent as soon. But that doesn’t make them less destructive.

Since the water is leaking into the ground, this means the dirt under your home is always wet. Eventually this could cause damage to your home’s foundation which if not repaired, can create even more damage to your entire house.

Less obvious signs of a water leak are higher than normal water and/or gas bills, sudden drop in water pressure, warm and/or wet spots on the floor, standing water in your yard, and the sound of running water.

If you think you have a water leak, it’s time to give us a call. We can come out and do a leak test to determine what’s going on with your system.

If you only have one leak, we can set up a plan to get it repaired. But if it turns out you have two or more leaks, then it’s time for a water pipe replacement.

About Richardson, Texas

The area that is now known as Richardson was first settled by people from Kentucky and Tennessee in the 1840s.

The end of the Civil War brought with it a newly constructed railway which relocated the town’s center a little northwest of the original settlement. Then incorporated in 1873, Richardson was named after the secretary of the Houston & Texas Central Railroad.

In 1924, Greenville Avenue was completed — then known as the Red Brick Road — and with its completion population grew and property values increased. And the original red brick schoolhouse built in 1914 still stands and serves as the administrative office for the city’s school district.

Richardson is often found on many “best of” lists including Money magazine’s 15th Best Place to Live in the US and 3rd Best Place to Live in Texas, 69th Safest City to Live in America and 5th Safest City in Texas, Best Place to Raise Kids, and 5th Happiest Mid-Sized Cities in the country (just to name a few).

Richardson also has many notable people who have called it home such as singer Jessica Simpson, actors Jensen Ackles and Bill Engvall, and author Anne Rice.

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