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The Local Expert for Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in Murphy, TX

The suburban Collin County city of Murphy has a long history that can be traced back to the early 1800s. While many of the homes here are nestled in friendly, scenic neighborhoods, they also tend to be on the older side. If you live in one of these homes with its original cast iron pipes, talk to the team from In-House Plumbing Company to learn how you could benefit from cast iron pipe replacement in Murphy, TX.

Why Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Is Important and Beneficial

When cast iron pipes come to the end of their lifespan, they are incredibly difficult to maintain. The main reason is that it's fairly common for multiple issues to develop over time, which means you're basically just chasing repairs and never really catching up. This is why we recommend replacement rather than repair. Cast iron pipe replacement is also important and beneficial thanks to added perks that include:

  • Avoiding multiple repair-related expenses
  • Improving how your home's drains function
  • Giving you durable, new pipes
  • Improving your home's value
  • Protecting your foundation and property

Common Cast Iron Pipe Problems

Cast iron pipes can develop leaks over time. A common reason for this is internal corrosion that eventually eats all the way through the pipe. Openings created in cast iron pipes also serve as entrance points for tree roots, which further worsen the damage. Shifting or bellying can also affect cast iron pipes due to the added weight. Signs associated with cast iron pipe issues include:

  • Unexplained wet spots around or above pipe areas
  • Noticeable sewer-related smells
  • Problems with drains in your home
  • Foundation damage that may include wall and/or floor issues

Replacing Your Cast Iron Pipes

Given the nature of cast iron pipes, replacement is often recommended. Rerouting is the most efficient way to address cast iron pipe problems. In this instance, the existing pipes are bypassed with new ones that create a different pathway. Should we determine that there is no way rerouting is possible, we have no other recourse but a full replacement.

We do this by fully removing the older or damaged pipes. We then replace the cast iron pipes with strong, easier-to-maintain pipes.

Count on In-House for Your Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Needs

For more than 20 years now, In-House Plumbing Company has been a top local choice for cast iron pipe replacement and other equally cost-effective services. We also offer competitive, honest rates and highly reliable results if you're in need of additional services we provide. These solutions include:

  • Sewer Services: We've got all your residential sewer needs covered. We provide accurate, honest opinions and take the steps necessary to restore full function and flow when sewer lines need repairs.
  • Water Line Repair: Problems with residential water lines are often more noticeable, but still require prompt attention from an expert. We're the local company to trust when your home's water lines need affordably repaired or replaced entirely.
  • Under-Slab Services: We're under-slab specialists when it comes to anything involving pipes under concrete foundations. Our below-slab services include precise, minimally disruptive leak detection, which involves specialized testing and sensible repair solutions.

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Even if you're not fully sure if replacement is the best option for your cast iron pipes in Murphy, TX, reach out to In-House Plumbing Company. We'll give you an honest, pressure-free opinion so you can determine what's appropriate for your needs, property, pipes, and budget. Call us or fill out the form today to schedule an appointment.

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