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Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in Grand Prairie, TX

Established in the early 1860s, Grand Prairie is a largely residential community in the Mid-Cities region of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and has many older homes. If your home has cast iron pipes, the subtropical climate here means cast iron pipe problems can be especially noticeable. Call In-House Plumbing Company to learn how you could benefit from cast iron pipe replacement in Grand Prairie, TX.

Why Is Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Important?

Long ago, cast iron pipes were once considered the most durable option, but other materials like PVC are now considered much more reliable. Replacement is important because repairs are rarely cost-effective with cast iron pipes. Because of the possibility of multiple issues with different sections of pipe developing, you'll ultimately save more time and money abandoning the cast iron pipe completely. Additional benefits of cast iron pipe replacement are:

  • Fewer repairs
  • Reduced risk of related drain problems
  • Added protection for your property
  • Improved wastewater flow

What Problems Usually Affect Cast Iron Pipes?

Leaks often develop in cast iron pipes as they age. This happens because these pipes are susceptible to corrosion from exposure to minerals in water and soil. Cast iron pipes can also be affected by shifts in the ground, bellying, and damage worsened by tree or shrub roots. Signs suggesting your cast iron pipes need some attention include:

  • Slow drains, clogs, and other drain issues
  • Water pooling
  • Foundation damage that may extend to your floors or walls
  • Slab cracks
  • Mold/mildew issues

How Do We Replace Cast Iron Pipes?

We do understand that replacement is rarely preferred, which is why we always try to determine if rerouting is a possibility. In this instance, the pipes are disconnected from your sewer system and rerouted with new piping.

In-House Plumbing Company uses replacement methods suitable for our client's needs, preferences, and budgets. If rerouting is not a possibility,  we will typically recommend a full replacement. Replacing cast iron pipes in Grand Prairie, TX,  is done by exposing  and removing the existing pipes and replacing them with new ones made of lighter, stronger materials less susceptible to corrosion and wear.

We work with our clients to make the cast iron pipe replacement a stress-free and reasonably priced project. We do this with fair, upfront pricing, top-notch service, and consistently reliable results. We even have a cleanliness guarantee!

Our Other Services

In-House is also your trusted source for local services that include:

  • Sewer Repair: With any sewer lines that need some attention, trust In-House to take the steps necessary to get things flowing again. We offer timely, affordable, customer-focused solutions with sewer repair in Grand Prairie, TX.
  • Water Line Repair: Residential water lines age, corrode, or require attention for other reasons at one time or another. We're your top local source for water line repair and replacement involving water pipes under concrete slabs.
  • Under-Slab Services: Our under-slab services in Grand Prairie, TX, also include accurate and minimally invasive leak detection methods. We perform tests to confirm and locate leaks so the appropriate steps can be taken to resolve the problem.

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