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Trusted Provider of Cast Iron Pipe Replacement in Farmers Branch, TX

In-House Plumbing Company is your trusted local source for cast iron pipe replacement in Farmers Branch, TX. Considered one of the best places to live in Texas, Farmers Branch is a beautifully inviting community where many residents own their own homes. Many of these homes also have older cast iron pipes if they were built prior to this century. If this applies to you, contact us about cast iron pipe replacement.

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Importance and Benefits

Repairing cast iron pipes is often not cost-effective since multiple areas of the same pipe can be damaged or deteriorating. It's also important to consider replacement since lingering or recurring cast iron pipe issues can contribute to costly property or foundation damage. Benefits associated with cast iron pipe replacement, include:

  • Drains that work better
  • Improved flow and drainage
  • Not as many serious and unexpected repair issues
  • Added peace of mind

The Main Cast Iron Pipe Issues

Corrosion is a common cast iron pipe problem because of how these pipes are made. This is also why lifespans can be on the shorter side with cast iron sewer or drain lines. Cast iron pipes can be affected by leaks, damage from shifting, misalignment or sinking, and damage from sprawling tree roots. Signs suggesting you likely have cast iron pipe issues include:

  • Wall and/or floor damage
  • Wet spots where pipes are located
  • Problems with your household drains
  • Foundation damage

Cast Iron Pipe Replacement – How It Works

The first option we consider is rerouting the pipe instead of replacing it. Rerouting involves creating a new pathway for pipes to bypass damaged water pipes, leaking pipes, and pipes that are generally old and in sub-par condition. Given the nature of cast iron pipes, rerouting may not always be possible, and a full replacement will be recommended. We've learned from experience that the best way to complete this process is typically to use traditional methods. This means digging to expose the damaged pipe so it can be removed and replaced.

Why Work with Us

Our seasoned team has a solid understanding of the problems unique to cast iron pipes. This is just one of the many reasons to feel good about working with us for cast iron pipe replacement. You'll also appreciate our fair, upfront pricing and affordable, detail-oriented work. Other services we offer locally include:

  • Sewer Repair: Any residential sewer line can leak or be affected by many other issues at one time or another. When sewer repair or replacement is what's needed in Farmers Branch, we're just a call away.
  • Water Line Repair: No water line leak should be put on the back burner, especially one under a slab. If you have or suspect a water line leak, contact us to find out for sure what's going on so the problem can be quickly and accurately resolved.
  • Under-Slab Services: Under-slab services we offer include detection and repair. With leak detection, we use reliable test methods to precisely find leak locations with minimal disruption. We also take appropriate steps to restore full flow to the affected pipes.

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Avoid the stress when you're dealing with pipe-related problems by getting in touch with In-House Plumbing Company to discuss cast iron pipe replacement. We work with residential customers in Farmers Branch, TX, on a regular basis to find sensible solutions. We look forward to doing the same thing for you. Schedule an appointment by calling our team or filling out the online form.

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