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Old cast iron pipes

Cast iron pipes, though formerly the norm, are now slowly being phased out. This is due to their potential for causing various plumbing issues that can ultimately make your home lose value. While there is no inherent hazard in cast iron pipes, it’s worth noting that lead, which is known to pose health risks when swallowed, is frequently found in the interconnections and joints.

In-House Plumbing Company provides services for sewer repair in Richardson TX, and we have seen first-hand the dangers of cast iron piping, which is why we recommend switching to safe and modern alternatives.

Contaminants and Pests

A cast iron pipe fracture can let mice, roaches, and other pests like pollutants from the nearby soil into the stream. Impurities create black water, and animals can enter your home through line breaks, introducing hazards into your home. It’s better to call for sewer repair services before your home reaches this point.

Sloping Walls

Whenever cast iron piping rust and start leaking, there is a danger of the sewage eroding parts of your home. Mostly if the defect is at the bottom parts of walls, which then become weak at the point of contact. The wall then starts to slope in a certain direction which is very weak and can fall anytime. Whenever your wall slopes, you need to replace sewer line sections made of cast iron pipes with more modern alternatives through a rerouting procedure.

Cracked Walls

The cast iron pipes can weaken and weaken the walls of your home whenever the sewage from the rust from cast iron lets sewage out. This causes the wall to begin cracking, leading to further hazards. Sewer pipe line repair or upgrades to safe and modern pipe lines are highly recommended.

Separating Walls

Whenever the cracks appear due to the leaking cast iron pipes, the walls may start separating due to the sewage released from the leaks. With a timely rerouting process and sewer pipe line replacement, you can avert disaster and prevent numerous plumbing issues in the future.

At In-House Plumbing Company, we advise our clients to have cast iron pipe replacement procedures to upgrade to modern and safer pipes. Reach out to us today to schedule a service appointment!

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